It was recently published on "Rivista Cistercense" of the Abbey of Casamari, which incorporates the publications of the magazine after a break of about a year and a half, the remarkable paper by Eng. Paolo Accettola on the history of Casamari and San Domenico di Sora entitled: European landscape painters of the XVIII-XIX century at Casamari and at San Domenico di Sora. The paper is based on a series of researches and documentations undertaken for a study regarding the 3D reconstruction of the city of Sora in the nineteenth century, which necessitated the collection and analysis of images and historical photos of the city and territory. The virtual reconstruction study of the late nineteenth century the town of Sora, made with his brother Giuseppe, was published in June of 2015: P. Accettola-G. Accettola, La Sora scomparsa di fine '800. Una ricostruzione virtuale della città a 100 anni dal terremoto della Marsica del 1915, on "Archeomatica" no. 2, June 2015, pp. 22-27.

The article is available at the following link:

The paper on landscape painters reports a series of images of paintings, drawings and watercolors for the most part unknown for academics who have visited Casamari, San Domenico of Sora and the Liri Valley, and nothing ever contextualized and connected to the others in a path organic, including the history of the places and art. The paper may be a useful search inspiration and further study of the complex phenomenon of the Grand Tour in the territory of Sora and Isola del Liri, the historical context in which it occurred, as well as the significant social and cultural implications arising therefrom and also concerning the beginning of industrialization in the nineteenth century the Liri Valley. The lands of Duchy of Sora, and later “Terra di Lavoro”, were among the most visited and sought after by scholars and lovers of art and beauty from all over Europe, and have been depicted in the works of extraordinary foreign artists today exhibited in major museums and collections around the world.


3D reconstruction of the city of Sora at the end of '800

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