It will be inaugurate in Copenhagen, from September 23rd until January 29, 2017, "In the Light of Italy", the important exhibition of Danish and Norwegian painters that in the period from 1879 to 1886 reported on the canvas the light and the colors of Italy in their exploratory trips in the Liri Valley and Val Roveto. In about three hundred pages, the catalog of the exhibition documents the artistic production of Krøyer, Skovgaard, Philipsen, Pedersen, Zahrtmann, Petersen, Ross Mayer, who were inspired mostly landscapes and scenes of life of Sora and Civita d'Antino. "The initiative, explains the Luigi Gulia, chairman of the Centro di Studi Sorani "Vincenzo Patriarca", born from the collaboration of Viborg Skovgaard museum, the museum and the Lillehammer Hirschsprungske Samling Copenhagen. At the inauguration, scheduled for 22 September, he was officially invited the Centro di Studi Sorani "Vincenzo Patriarca", which will be represented by the shareholder Eng. Paolo Accettola. The Centro has offered its own historical contribution to the catalog, and for many years was in fruitful contact with the directions of the Danish and Norwegian museums. A special historical and scientific committee coordinates the phases of this effort with the intention to realize even in the city of Sora a similar event, to raise awareness and promote the intense artistic season lived in our territory by the Danish and Norwegian painters of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and unfortunately interrupted by the disastrous earthquake of 1915 ". The project can be implemented only through the cultural sensitivity and the effective participation of interested cities, in particular the City of Sora, the Regional Authorities, the foundations and financial institutions. An event of the highest cultural significance that our territory should definitely see realized.

Gianni Fabrizio