Sora, Church of St. Restituta, November 8, 2016, 11:30 am.
The funeral of Guelfo Basile (Sora, 11/11/1926 - 11/07/2016), associate, former secretary of the Centro for more than fifteen years up to March 2014; inspirer and supporter of the International Poetry Prize and Narrative "The Liri" (2015-2016-2017 editions), reserved for final year students of institutes of secondary education of the second degree Italian and Italian abroad.
Concelebrants: Mgr. Bruno Antonellis, charge-pastor of “Santa. Restituta” church, and Don Giuseppe Basile, Parish Administrator of the community of Castelliri, respectively, of the Centro di Studi Sorani founder and partner.

Parting words uttered by the Luigi Gulia,
Founder and President of Centro Studi Sorani.


Faed with the coffin of a friend can not fly empty words or words suited to the occasion. The word created and written Guelfo entrusted emotions, feelings, statements of truth. He waited for the aged to give assiduous listening to the poetic vocation from early adolescence it has educated and sensitized to the vicissitudes of existence.

"In the large / theater of death, / you can explain life," he said in verse that he titled "Bringing Out the Dead". With them presaged Guelfo in the world invisible to us, and yet very real, "the spirit / and freedom of thought" disengage "from the bonds / of the earth and the body."
For a man of faith, which was Guelfo, the dawn of this passage from his human frailty eternity being manifested itself when in churches throughout the world, after Sunday, still rang the Gospel of Luke (20 , 36-38) to confirm that the right resurrected from the dead are "like angels" and "sons of God," God, "not of the dead but of the living."
Of this promise, dear Guelfo, to you it is granted now for the detection of certainty. You're in the quiet, in contemplation, in the amazement of finding, transfigured in new radiance of light, the faces you loved, cried and sung. We love to think of you as well as you have dreamed, in listening to the hymn sung by the choir of angels peace. And the memory of you will help us to redeem the sadness that surprises us. Support us honesty of your thoughts. We give the company the admonition of your verses to peer into our intimate glimpses of truth, to experience feelings, hospitality, tenderness, to remind us that generosity "can become / the kingdom of grace / social life."
Friends of the Centro di Studi Sorani "Vincenzo Patriarca" turn you the greeting of peace and the hope of eternal and ineffable light. I thank you for the time you have given us, for the measurement of your words, for the honor rendered to your country, to our city, to the Alpine Club, the Workers' Association, to the Confraternity, the "sweet" waters of the Liri purified from your poetic song, for the private trust with heart abundance to young people, whose creative talent, in your memory, we will continue to encourage. It will attest the third edition of the international poetry and narrative prize inspired by you and by you totally sustained. This was the company that you tried hard to recommend us a few days ago while the word was less and heart repeating your verses of invocation: "God / you that everything can / succor / my daily / labor / and if it is no remedy, / have mercy / of these tired / exhausted limbs. "
From the window of your studio enters a ray of sunshine, "alive and warm," just as you have sung, to dry the tears of Miss Renata, your guardian angel patient and considerate, the tears of all your relatives and those in the ranks of friends who tell you "Goodbye"!