In Denmark was exhibited, life, flavors, lights, atmospheres and colors of Sora and Civita d'Antino of the past. In fact, Thursday, September 22 at 4:00 pm at Den Hirschsprungske Samling Copenhagen was officially inaugurated in the presence of the Italian Ambassador, Stefano Queirolo Palmas and the Danish Ministry of Culture, Bertel Haarder, the exhibition: "I Italien Lys - In The Light of Italy ", dedicated to Danish and Norwegian painters that in the years 1879 - 1886 sojourned in Rome, Sora and Civita D'Antino. Here, they portrayed landscapes, costumes and place characters, in their magnificent works, currently, in many public and private collections. The delegations Civita d'Antino and Pescarabruzzo Foundation and Eng. Paolo Accettola, representing Centro di Studi Sorani "Vincenzo Patriarca", were present at the event. The museum director, Marianne Saabye, in her inaugural speech, she recalled the great importance of artists such as PS Krøyer, Joakim Skovgaard, Viggo Pedersen, Kristian Zahrtmann, Theodor Philipsen, Eilif Peterssen and Christian Mayer Ross, the importance for the history of Scandinavian and international art, and the exceptional nature of having so many of their magnificent works exhibited, all together in this prestigious museum, where the enchanting landscapes, the popular life of Sora and Civita d'Antino, revived in the works of artists who captured light and color using new techniques and the influence of realism and French impressionism. Saabye also explained some of the paintings in the halls of the prestigious "Collection" as the paintings "Breakfast in Sora", "Italian field laborer" and "Italian village hatters" PS Krøyer and "Siesta in an Osteria in Sora" of Eilif Peterssen, of major importance for the Danish art history. She, then, thanked Eng. Paolo Accettola for the great help he provided in the phase of historical documentation and preparation of the exhibition catalog, along with the valuable support, in particular, Luigi Gulia, chairman of the Centro di Studi Sorani "Vincenzo Patriarca", which for over twenty years in active contact with the prestigious Danish institution with the aim to realize even in the city of Sora similar initiatives to leverage this extraordinary artistic experience of Danish and Norwegian artists in our area from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Italian Ambassador in his auspicious speech, thanking the museum and the curators, showed that the presence of Danish tourists in Italy has become very significant in recent years, hoping therefore that the studies and the rediscovery of each other's historical and artistic ties, favors even more interest in our country. Finally, the Minister of Culture remarked upon the importance of the exhibition in the cultural landscape of the Danish capital and the involvement of different cultural and academic institutions in studies relating to diverse Scandinavian travelers phenomenon in Italy in the nineteenth century. At the end of the ceremony a reception hosted many of those present, and the evening ended with dinner at the restaurant "Casa D'Antino" Copenhagen. The exhibition will remain open until January 29, 2017, before being transferred to Lillehammer in Norway from 4 March to 4 June 2017. To recall the atmospheres of the places visited by Scandinavian painters, the Den Hirschsprungske Samling, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture, he has also arranged for October 14 a concert of Maestro Ambrogio Sparagna. For all these reasons it is desirable now a very real concern of the public institutions of Sora, the province of Frosinone and the Lazio Region, in order for the Danish event face a driving force for future initiatives in our city that can contribute to a greater awareness of the rich historical heritage , cultural, social and economic development of the territory in which we live.

Gianni Fabrizio