On Friday, November 4, at 5:00 pm the inaugural conference of the History, Arts Culture Meetings 2016/2017 will throw in the Simoncelli’ s hall of the Municipal Library of Sora. It was promoted from Centro di Studi Sorani "Vincenzo Patriarca". In the first meeting, Sergio Natalia talk about his work entitled: La Marsica tra terremoto e grande guerra, edizioni Kirke 2016. "The book traces the history (of Marsica and Abruzzo) the intense period 1914-1922, with a focus on political and social conflicts arising from the two events are intertwined in an apocalyptic scenario: the earthquake of 1915 and the First World war. It is also needed into the events of the post-war period, from 1919 and 1920 occupation of the lands elections in Fucino, until the advent of fascism. The poster of the meeting, shown below, is available for download.


Poster of History, Arts, Culture Meetings 2016/2017


Brochure of the History, Art, Culture Meetings 2016/2017